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About Time


1000 songs on your wrist

Carry your music everywhere you go and
play it right from your wrist

Hail a cab, literally

Now booking your ride is just a
command away

Stay in touch

Reply to messages without
reaching into your pocket

Your time, your timeline

A single stream of all your events,
reminders and alarms

Run, Play, Breathe, Move

Stay sharp on your fitness goals

Do much more on the go

From payments to navigation on your
wrist, Marvin apps are on their way
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Tan Leather
  • Silver Steel
  • Black silicone
  • Blue silicone

Explore your style

Switch between different styles and choose
the Blink Watch you love

Experience the celestial design

Experience a design language inspired from the celestial
bodies and their motion through space and time

Interact with touch bezel

Navigate through Marvin using the most
intuitive touch interface for circular display

Speak for input

Using the most natural method of input
known to mankind

Control apps through voice

Watch voice commands create magic within
Marvin apps

Watch Craftsmanship

Every Blink begins from a single block of stainless steel,
that is carved and finished to perfection to create a
beautiful timepiece that is much more than a watch.

Superfast processing

Best in class dual core processor
performance with 1GB RAM

Razor sharp visibility

Full circular with 400x400 Amoled Display
with 16.5 million colours

Precision Sensing

Motion sensor with advanced fitness
tracking algorithms

Long lasting battery

Fast charge battery with a capacity of

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