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  • Hi,
    I am able to answer and reject calls through the watch when it is paired with my iphone but i cant use the watch’s inbuilt speaker and mic to talk.

  • Hi all,
    After 1 day of thorough usage, my opinion has changed a bit. It’s more of a stability update as I said and blink team had kept on postponing the release as they said they were testing it ‘rigorously’. Here’s what’s bothering me now:
    Navigation isn’t working. The watch restarts whenever I try to explore the navigation section

    Fitness app…[Read more]

  • Hi All,

    I have been using the watch post the latest update (on iOS) and I would like to congratulate the blink team on providing us such a comprehensive update. Here are the first impressions after 2 hours of usage:

    New watch faces: New watch faces are nice. Theyve bought in a few faces with yellow coloured seconds hand. Its good. New ones are…[Read more]

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    Hi Ruchir. While I understand the thrill, please don’t Bina me for being cynical. Please don’t expect much from the watch at the moment. It looks good from the outside but inside it has nothing but time at the moment. Give it 2-3 weeks atleast. I expected a lot and it left me disappointed.

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    Hi all! I just got my watch today. Steel black. (Ordered on Amazon)
    First impressions:
    Let me tell you outright that the watch looks absolutely stunning. From the package box till the first time you see it, you would love it. The build quality is beyond expectations.
    2. Connecting to the blink app on iOS (beta version)was not so hard. It was fine…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your response! I really want this watch and marvin OS to rock the world! The watch looks super awesome, now just the software needs to compliment the super cool look and feel of the watch. All the best! and one small request..Please keep us posted on not just the date of the update, but also on what issues / new features your team is…[Read more]

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    Hi Team,
    could you let me know when the app would be officially available on the apple store? Currently it is being reviewed by apple team. Any timeline that you can provide would be immensely helpful.

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    I agree with you. At the moment, it is an over hyped product. It totally depends on the blink team how it shapes up in the next couple of months. Considering the number of options available now (Apple watch, pebble, moto 360, fossil Q), i dont think people will have patience for more than a month.

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    Hi all, I haven’t received my watch yet. Ordered on Amazon. I am worried already. People are reporting so many bugs. Blink team please understand that we are customers, and not your testing team. It seems as if you guys are rolling out the beta version for us.You guys are saying the watch is IOS compatible but you guys don’t have an approved app…[Read more]

  • Blink team, my watch hasn’t even arrived yet and I am worried already. People reporting so many bugs. We are customers, not members of your testing team. Why does it appear as if you guys have handed us the beta version of the watch? There is no app on iOS. You guys have gone silent! That’s the worst you could do.

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    Hi All,
    I have ordered black steel watch on amazon last night. Just wanted to know if the black silicon strap is free with the package if i order from amazon as it is on the website.

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