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    Sagar Bhatia

    Hi All,

    I have been using the watch post the latest update (on iOS) and I would like to congratulate the blink team on providing us such a comprehensive update. Here are the first impressions after 2 hours of usage:

    New watch faces: New watch faces are nice. Theyve bought in a few faces with yellow coloured seconds hand. Its good. New ones are pretty decent. (suggestion: Give us the ability to customise the color of the minute and hour and seconds hand)

    Gesture control: Gesture control is much much much better than it was in the previous version, at par with moto 360 now, or may be even better. Yet not apple watch level (blink team acknowledges that already).

    Notifications are displayed on the watch pretty much as soon as you get them on the phone. Whatsapp, Gmail, instagram, all notifications are working fine at the moment.

    Call incoming: Has some occasional lag and also, if i answer the call through my phone and then hangup, the watch still shows the call and I have to press the red button on the watch and then it displays “hanging up” message and its gone. Blink team please see to it.

    the biggest and the most important point of the update is the amount of stability it brings to the watch. The UI is more responsive,touch sensitivity is better for example I remember in the previous version, if i would press on connectivity, it would open the option below connectivity and vice versa. A lot of improvement in this area is noticed in the new version. Overall, if i were a watch, I would say I feel very light and much more confident after the update 😉

    Just one small thing blink team, on iOS, whenever i turn on bluetooth on the phone, it takes a bit of time to connect to the watch. Please try to sort it out in subsequent updates.

    Prima Facie, I would say this update was worth the agonizing wait and it so far exceeds my expectations on the basis of the fact that the update is really stable. (Feel free to disagree)

    Kudos Team! Keep it up!

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    Device : Oneplus One Android Version : 7.1.1( Using a Rooted Device)
    Impressions of using the watch after the latest update(20170105):
    Few New Watch Faces added.
    Still can’t take or receive calls properly …in short buggy; even if call is received opposite person still can’t hear.Sometimes watch restarts while receiving the call.
    Cant say now much about battery life & stability because still testing & will update if it was a Hit or Miss.

    Was eagerly awaiting for this Update like everyone else…so cant be too critical…Will use it for atleast 3-4 days to give a proper review of this Update.

    Also request every users to share their Update reviews so that it will help the Blink Team in understanding the issues faced & help them to resolve in an efficient manner.

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      JKV, Are you getting the option to receive calls in Oneplus? i am using the same android version & rooted… but the call just comes as a notification (immediately as soon as it starts ringing in mobile) but there is no option to receive the call.

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        Blink Team

        There is currently no option to receive the calls on the phone or watch in Android while for iOS you can receive the calls on the phone.

        Some users are saying they are able to receive calls on the watch. This is because the watch is connected to the phone under the headset profile.

        But this experience is not refined (voice quality, lag etc.) and we suggest the following to avoid getting calls on the watch for now.

        1. Go to BT settings
        2. There will be a small cross in front of your paired blink watch, please press that.

        We are building this feature properly and will only then give the functionality to users to receive calls on the watch as well.

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        Yes John facing same issue faced by you but as advised by Blink Team lets wait & hopefully future updates will resolve this issuse….By future updates i mean hopefully within 3 or 4 days not after 3 or 4 weeks…

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    bhargava krishna

    Updated watch os,can c incoming calls only when mobile is in ringing mode,if mbl is in vidration con’t c incoming call notificTion and as am using it with iphone i con’t recieve calls

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    Watch updated successfully in Android… Still can’t see or answer calls…
    Battery life 100 to 80 in 4hrs without connecting to phone… Will keep you all posted

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    Mine is oneplus1 with rooted 7.1.1
    About watch update:Improved ux.
    Some of watch faces added. Not digital yet.watch auto restart when u using any microphone related function…as per blink said ,no call reject or accept on android. Only notification.
    Will check battery life after few cycles.
    Overall u can feel improvement..and way to go further. And I believe blinkteam can take this up to rock solid 🙂

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    Events not being notified either through alarm or vibration
    Navigation failed everytime
    Whatsapp does not display pic notification (don’t know if it’s supposed to)
    Touch screen still very buggy

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      Blink Team

      Hey Adarsh,

      We have made several changes to the touch screen and haven’t seen the problem with other watches with the complete update.

      Please ensure that the Watch apps and OS is updated. Also, can ew know the exact problem you are facing with touch?

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    Sagar Bhatia

    Hi all,
    After 1 day of thorough usage, my opinion has changed a bit. It’s more of a stability update as I said and blink team had kept on postponing the release as they said they were testing it ‘rigorously’. Here’s what’s bothering me now:
    Navigation isn’t working. The watch restarts whenever I try to explore the navigation section

    Fitness app isn’t accurate at all. The step count is over represented, also if I start the session, let’s say of 1 hour, it’s timer works only if the watch screen is on. I started the session at 6:45 pm yesterday and at 7:20, only 10 mins had lapsed as per the timer. I don’t know how well it was tested, or how well the navigation was tested.

    Gesture control isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. Yesterday I said it’s at par with Moro 360, sorry folks it’s not. It turns on or off at will. In short, everything is buggy. The watch shoes connected even when my phone’s BT is off. Nothing against the blink team, the watch looks good. That’s it. Other than that, I am having serious doubts about the ability of the blink team to deliver what they promised software wise. Regretting my choice already.

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    Blink Team

    After speaking to a lot of users over the past 2 days, the following use cases that are very critical to users are not working as expected:

    1. Call accept and reject (on the watch as well, especially in Android)
    2. Navigation
    3. Gestures
    4. Fitness glitches
    5. Microphone crash

    Our battery optimization has had side effects which we will now fix.

    We understand the frustration. We believe we’re lucky to have users who want to genuinely use the watch for its features day in and day out. But are team is more than capable to fix the problems, and we’ll ensure that the fixes are made asap.

    The product is extremely capable in terms of hardware, and it will definitely evolve into exceeding your expectations.

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    hrish jo

    Since we bought the watch nothing much has changed in last two updates except new watch faces…i dont see any significant difference in battery life also… Charged watch 100? at 8 am today…it was 5% at 5 pm without any use…not even 12 hours battery..
    Blink team please fix things fast to restore our faith…

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    Irony is that the features which are not working are the basic ones which should have worked properly out of the box.Funny part is that cant even use it for full day just to show TIME because of the fear of battery dying down any moment.

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    Updated my watch on Saturday and have seen it working for around 2 full day. Feedback on whole update part is as below. I am using it with my iPhone.

    1. More stable. Doesn’t get disconnected as often as it was used to be.
    2. Marginal battery life gain. Earlier with the same usage, I was getting 5 hours average battery life that has gone to around 6 hours.
    3. Touch sensitivity has improved. Earlier I had issues when I was not able to go back to watch screen from other screens. Haven’t seen that post update.
    4. Receiving call (pick up or call cancel) using watch. However, if I use the phone directly to pick a call or cut a call, the watch doesn’t recognize that and keep the view stuck on incoming call screen only.

    1. Not much on functionality gain. App is extremely static where the only use of it is pairing it with my phone. No data shown, no alerts…
    2. Step counting is way off, practically useless.
    3. There is no interoperability of the data from watch with any other app (e.g., Apple health or Runtastic). If I am supposed to carry my phone with me while walking and running to measure my workout, what’s the use of watch? Even Apple is not so closed to the use cases and access to data sharing with apps.
    4. Can’t use it as my primary watch due to battery life.
    5. Step counter doesn’t reset at 12 am. It was showing x number till 12, showed x + y till 3 am and then in morning it showed a much lower number suggesting it got reset post 3 am.
    6. Can’t see any historic data about walking or running. It has zero use as fitness watch.
    7. Visibility in direct sunlight with 100% brightness is also quite bad.

    Agree with some of the comments made in above posts about the beta phase seemingly unending. My assumption was that this roll out you guys will be focusing atleast on one part of improving battery performance and then incrementally add features that were promised from the beginning. I have not even used navigational features to comment on that. Hoping something concrete comes and comes sooner.

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    hrish jo

    In my watch there is no option to accept or reject call.i just see a notification similar to messages…anybody else having same issue?

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      Sagar Bhatia

      I am able to answer and reject calls through the watch when it is paired with my iphone but i cant use the watch’s inbuilt speaker and mic to talk.

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    BLINK has been very partial towards ANdroid users compared to iOS users

    very disappointing release on 6th Jan ….no much gain

    please refund me

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      Blink Team

      Hey Anil,

      We love both platforms equally, and they both come with challenges of their own. Due to its closed nature, Apple users were to be behind Android users in functionality, but that has not been so due to some really smart moves from the tech team here.

      We are a watch-first OS, mobile platforms are enablers for Marvin. We will ensure that we fix the bugs and bring both the platforms to the same level, especially with Calling.

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