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    Updated Watch through Desktop & have to say the experience has been seamless to say the least…Good job Blink Team..Now lets see what all changes this latest update has brought this time around.

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    Ayush Tripathi

    Yes absolutely @jobykv.The watchface inclusions are damn nice and innovative.Also,now the animation transitions seems more fuid and refined with no lag at all.Earlier I had some issues with bluetooth connection.The connection was very unstable earlier but after the update its been super stable.
    Good work @admin.The watch seems to be progressing towards becoming more and more perfect after every subsequent updates.

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    Device – Oneplus One Android Version – 7.1.2
    Watch Battery Stats
    100% @ 12.15
    04% @ 19.30
    Watch was not connected to the phone all this time but still heavy battery drain.So cant say this Update has brought any improvement in Battery life.Will test more to see if the results are consistent or just a one off.

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    Has anybody been able to install the Desktop App on Windows 10 ? It fails, and this has been the case from the very first day this App was launched.
    My Blink is not updating after downloading the new Update of Marvin through iPhone 6S…

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      Installed desktop app on my laptop running Windows 10 without any issue.

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    Battery life is still not great.Watch was not connected but still in standby mode it drained from 100 % to 84 % within a span of 4 hrs.

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      Blink Team

      Thank you for writing to us, JKV.

      Battery consumption is largely dependent on usage pattern, number of incoming notifications/calls, apps used the most.

      Ideally we have observed a battery life of 14-18 hours in connected state and upto 24 hours when not connected. We request you to share the battery logs with us (sharing instructions for the same via mail). Also, would like to understand if the Ambient Watchface was off or on when watch was kept in standby mode. Request you to share the logs when the battery is less than 10 percent. We shall get back to you after analyzing the same.

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        Ambient Watchface was OFF all the time.Also request to share your mail id so that i can send my watch battery stats for your ready reference.

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