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    I think its high time blink realizes that they can never bring marvin os to the level at which android wear is at right now. As wearable as a whole have flopped, I do not think blink will survive if they dont adapt. Consider tic watch, a startup similar to blink, but much more successful, they used to have their own software, which in fact everyone loved. They decided to switch over to android wear 2.0 in their latest offerings. Marvin OS is not liked by anyone, so it is quite puzzling to see blink, a failing business not trying to get android wear. It has been over a year, and no one knows about this company, even indian reviewers like geeky ranjeet cant be bothered to review this product. I urge the blink team to stop pursuing their dream of emulating apple, especially when things have gone so horribly wrong. Android wear 2.0 on this smartwatch will sell like hot cakes, especially with the hardware underneath this watch. The blink team can at least start an alpha program for android wear 2.0 and depending on the response can decide what path they want to choose.

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    Ayush Tripathi

    I am a little bit inclined towards your view @nikhilvasda.We have got a new update after 2 months now but since it was big,so no complaints there.The main problem comes with the features included.All they have included are a few watch faces,ola app integration(which was requested,so no complaints there)and feature to access and control music.The change in ui i can see is only change of icons in the setting menu.Marvin voice is still missing(its says ‘i am almost there..’ when i try to activate marvin voice.Though it activates for one time after the reboot).They have not taken into account many of the requested features like keyboard,sound/voice navigation,emergency sos(this feature was earlier there but was removed later),dialer etc.Also in many apps on the phone which I am using for my fitness regime like healthifyme etc arent recognising marvin os or blink watch in their device list while android wear is listed everywhere.This is making the integration of tracking activity very difficult and we have to solely rely on the blink app and the features it provide thus limiting the use and functionality of the watch.
    Though they have done a tremendous job in creating marvin voice assistant but it can only be used to book cabs as of now.I am not telling @admin what should they do or not do but yes what they are doing as of now is putting a serious limit to the functionality of a device with highest hardware specs in the current market.

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