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    Yatin Angara

    @admin, The Battery Life of the watch when bluetooth is turned off and not connected to the phone is as follows:
    12th may,1:20pm-100%
    12th may,4:05pm-90%
    13th may,1:00am-50%
    13th may,9:50am-0%

    And the Brightness the watch was on was 25% in the Day time,10% in the Evening and 0% in the night!
    So, i received about 20½ hours of battery life on my watch when it was not connected to the phone and bluetooth off!

    I’ll be testing the battery life of the watch, when connected to the phone today and give the review tomorrow!

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    Harish Gangadharan

    Battery life on my Blink while connected to phone:

    9.30 AM – 100%
    8.30 PM – 0%

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