Blink app issues both the ios and android play store ( Wake up call blink)

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    Ezhiil Ash (eli180)

    Hello Blink team..

    I have been using your watch for more than 5 months now, the watch has some glitches now and then and I have sorted it by the troubleshooting methods by seeing google or simply holding down the power button. I understand that Blink by witworks is a new start up and you guys are implementing and sorting the bugs.

    Here comes the hard part,

    >>Everything is perfect apart from blink app in ios and the google play store and custom marvin os on the watch.

    >> let me point out the bugs, after the recent update you guys released the blink app does not login in it says error code 1 ( this happens with both ios and android) Now I am left with a watch with a QR code on the screen sitting on the table.

    >> Why don’t the watch boot up and show the time? as a normal smart watch would do..?? ( apart from the time updating itself)

    >> Please give us a suitable resolution ASAP as the watch is sitting idle. ( Error code 1 this error is faced by many people please check the your blink app reviews as many people has requested for your help and they have not not got any replies from your end )

    MARVIN OS: ( Restriction to use the apps provided only by you guys example watch faces)

    >> I am surprised with the big update you made with the marvin os.. like the
    – inshorts
    – call from the watch
    – uber
    – ola
    – navigation
    – music remote android only
    – new watch faces
    – SOS ( nice one)

    >> And how many of you called hey marvin and the watch gave you an correct reply on the first time??

    >> From a customer point of view.. may I know how many people has used the blink watch to fetch uber or ola??

    >> And the navigation for the instance, how many people used the blink watch to find the address to certain places?? ( guess you people will know it as we are allowing you to monitor what app we use.. the most)

    >> Are you really serious with the new watch faces the same design with the date is one watch face and adding a battery percentage to the same watch face is another watch face??

    Let me give you insights on how a watch face should look like..
    > having date, battery percentage on the watch face should be like a toggle feature..
    > every watch face show be designed in keeping this in manner.
    > As I have been using the watch for more than 6 months now.. I have been using only one watch face as the rest are complete crap or too vivid..
    > The watch face determines the persons identity.

    Here are the coolest watch faces I have come across which you guys can use it.

    watch face 1

    simple method that can be used to customize the watch face

    this should be there.

    this is the app that gives the watch faces and it is free out there to be utilized by you guys,

    >> coming to the inshorts.. ( this is where I found the true potential of the watch display you have a great piece of hardware but it is no were near to the apps and the os you have on the watch )

    Give us an option to control what we see in that.. I don’t want to see who killed who.. customization should be brought into the app, some people would like to see tech news, politic, sports and regional news as your watch has navigation in it.

    I would request you to remove all the junk apps you have in your watch.. which is no way can be used when you combine it with Marvin OS

    >>>>> There are many competitors out there for you, like the tic watch, amaze fit, fossil etc, which have android wear in them which enables the user to customize how the watch should be when it is with someone.


    Time to wake up blink..

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    Ezhiil Ash (eli180)

    2 days 7 hours passed and the watch is still in my table without any use.. is this forum active??

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    Ezhiil Ash (eli180)

    Today is 12th April and the watch is still sitting up on the table… Got a reply stating to connect to internet when logging into google.. and nothing else..

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