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    Blink Team

    Hi everyone,

    Since our last update, which largely stabilized the OS, we have inched closer to delivering the much anticipated features on your Blink watch. The survey we took last month gave us an insight into your priorities & expectations from the device, and we incorporated them. Thank you so much for taking time out to complete it!

    Based on the inputs, we are rolling out an update (ver: 20170317) for Marvin OS, which will further optimize the system services, provide additional features and allow us to increase the frequency to BI-WEEKLY app/feature releases from now on.

    Also, we realized that the OS update was too cumbersome a process for some users. So, in order to make Marvin OS update effortless, we are releasing the Blink Desktop App!

    Key changes with the Marvin OS:

    Caller App:
    – Seamless Call Accept and Reject on the watch
    – Automatic Caller ID integration

    Accurate Wrist Up Gesture:
    (to enable go to Settings on the watch–>Gestures)

    – Selective incoming notifications on the watch
    (This can be done by changing notifications preferences from the phone app)

    Ambient Watchface:
    – Addition of Analog Ambient watchfaces
    – Choice to select Analog v/s Digital v/s None
    (You can select the same from Settings > Display > Ambient Watchface)

    – fixes to remove for sporadic battery drains

    – fixes to ensure stable connectivity for both Android and iOS users

    Steps for Software Update:

    1) Updating the Mobile App

    For Android Users:

    Go to the “Blink by Witworks” App on Google Playstore
    Tap on the Update button to install the latest version

    For iOS Users:

    Go to the Testflight App on your mobile device
    Tap on the Update button for the Blink App to install the latest version

    2) Updating Marvin OS
    (Note: You can also do the software update using the Blink Desktop App as mentioned further below)

    1. Open the Blink App on your mobile device
    2. Tap on the ‘Menu Icon’ on top-left corner
    3. Wait for your watch to be “Connected” with a green dot.
    4. Select the “Marvin OS” item on the menu bar
    5. The latest Marvin OS Update will be available here for download

    Using Blink Desktop App:

    From the feedback gathered across channels we also understand that updating Marvin OS and tackling connectivity issues should be effortless and should require the least amount of intervention. Hence, we are releasing the Blink Desktop Application.

    Desktop app will enable you to independently:

    1. Update Marvin OS and Watch apps in less than 2 minutes
    2. Directly troubleshoot any pairing issues by resetting connectivity
    3. Get any software issue with the watch resolved remotely by our team

    Steps for Installing Blink Desktop App

    1. Go to Blink Support for downloading the Blink Desktop App (Link:
    2. Install in on your Mac or PC
    3. Plug the watch to your Mac or PC using the dock and USB cable
    4. Let the desktop app shall recognize the connected watch
    5. Update the Watch App and OS right from the Blink Desktop App

    We will soon be releasing more features with the desktop app to allow fitness reporting, files transfer etc

    In case of any queries, please feel free to reach us at the following contacts:
    Ph: +91 90660 23660 / Email: [email protected]

    This update shall lay foundation for the next set of features roll-out based on our survey outcome; i.e. fitness data on phone, SOS, more voice commands, News application, watch face maker along with advanced watch faces, timeline with synced google calendar.

    We look forward to hearing from you and constantly being in touch to enhance your Blink experience over time!

    Team Blink

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    Jiju Joseph

    This update looks good. Analog ambient display is a good move, saved us from the boring digital face. Watch faces are still a disappointment though, nothing new added. Navigation is working. Other details are yet to be tested.
    I feel much better! You guys need to be more communicative and deliver the promises without missing the TAT.
    Still not anywhere near to the Android gear. Watch face maker would be a good add.

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      Blink Team

      Thanks for the message Jiju. Really appreciate your taking the time and effort to share your feedback. We shall try our best to constantly keep communicating, and increase the frequency of feature releases!

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      Yatin Angara

      There is no caller app in my watch!

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    Cannot update the watch either by desktop app, the connect icon is grayed out even when my pc is recognizing the watch and showing me all the folders within.
    Where am i going wrong?
    Please help.
    Haresh Rajpal

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      Blink Team

      Thank you for the message, Haresh.

      Please share your contact details with us on [email protected] or get in touch with us on +91 9066023660. Our team will be available to assist you with the issue.

      Team Blink

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    As soon as i downloaded the blink desktop app, and clicked on it to run it, there are two windows that open, one is a small window overlay on blink’s window and a cursor moves from one line to another for few lines and then it closes (the window is green in color). and then blink window opens and says sign in with google.
    I felt that suspicious, because blink’s desktop app install doesnt mention anything about google sign in asking for moving ahead.

    Is it safe to continue?

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      Blink Team

      Thank you for the message, Ankush.

      Yes, it is perfectly secure to go ahead while you see the other window. We request you to update the OS and let us know the feedback.

      Team Blink

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    Sure. I m just updating it. Will let you know the feedback in two days. 🙂

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    My experience after the latest update.
    Updated it very eagerly yesterday night 1.notification was working along with reply with voice (in whatsapp)
    2.didnt see any new watchfaces and no change when ae to see digital watchfaces. Still donno what ambient and the other settings do. incoming call notification and reply/reject option.
    4.bluetooth tethering getting switched off for no reason. Why cant the blink phone app manage the tethering (while installing and on restart user has to enable this) if other apps can do this?
    5.desktop app is a waste of time. Thought it updated in 2 mins as advertised,but didnt do anything. Blink was connected with pc and i could see folders.
    6.navigation interface is the same as before and it works as before. No map as promised.
    7.didnt see any option to customize notifications. It says you could do it via app.
    8.timeline not showing google calendar.
    9.dont see the bluetooth internet option. Dont miss it though, coz it was very confusing and practically useless. top it all, blink app started shutting down right after launch. Started happening after desparate attempts to connect by forgetting and pairing. Doesnt work at all now.

    Thanks for the update, Blink team. This is the best paperweight ever!

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      Blink Team

      Thanks for the message, Bipin!
      To address your queries in detail:

      1.That’s great!
      2.This update did not add any new watchfaces. We have a new set lined up soon!
      The ambient display is to let the watch always show time (in low power mode) so that you don’t have to scare at a Blck screen or keep the display on that drains out battery.
      3.You would need to enable Call Notifications from the Mobile App’s Preferences > Caller > Phone
      4.For some Android devices, you will need to allow teethering again, if you switch off BT Teethering (or it automatically switches Off). We recommend you to keep it always On, as it does not necessarily use phone’s battery unless there is some data transfer happening.
      5.Post the download of the OS Build (which is dependent on your internet speed), we have seen the update process on the watch take under a minute.
      6.navigation interface is the same as before and it works as before. No map as promised. – There has been no change to this.
      7. You can go to Preferences on the side bar and see “Notifications” item
      8.Google calendar is lined up for our subsequent update
      9.It has been deliberately removed from the watch
      10.This ideally should not happen – Do let us know if you are still facing a problem by contacting us at [email protected] / +91 9066023660, and our team shall get in touch with you!

      We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Jiju Joseph

    Battery backup is decent 8 hours office 100 to 45 without pairing. Able to receive and reject call, but incoming calls are not displayed. Gesture working much better, but still not accurate. Map doesn’t show the map but displays the direction.

    Tethering gets disconnected after some time and difficult to connect again.

    Ambient display is the best in this update! Whichever Analog face we select that will be displayed in ambient display. Power save mode is not tested yet.

    Overall,I felt good and considerably relaxed, will be using the watch for some days for sure.

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    Dear Team Blink,

    I downloaded the installer for Windows twice BUT each time I get a messsage “Failed To extract installer”. I use Windows 10.

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      Blink Team

      Hi Ratninder, thanks for the message. Our team shall get in touch with you to resolve the issue!

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    Shashank Tantri

    @admin Iam not able to receive calls on the watch, only able to reject. Requesting you to start a thread in which u can mention all the features that the watch can provide finally and the ones u have rolled out. As n when there is an update, just modify the thread so that people who have not kept track of all your posts can find what has been happening in a single thread or post.

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    Kiron Sahadevan

    @admin this is doubtless the best update that has been rolled out till date! All changes that has been mentioned as part of this update works – at least most of the time. There are wrinkles that I am sure you guys are ironing it out.

    The whole update process was a breeze. Did not have to go for the Desktop App option. So dunno if at all any issues.

    Have been using it for this week.

    Caller App
    Works as promised. Seamless Accept and Reject, Automatic Caller ID

    Wrist Up
    Has been improved. Can be better.

    Selective notification option works

    Ambient Watchface
    Nice add on. Hated the last update of digital watch face without wrist up. This works, but there are glitches as the wrist up tends to not work at times. Need to switch the gesture control off and on.

    Certain improvement. With the ambient display the device gives a decent 12 Hr time. Good enough for now.

    Have not had a connectivity issue in the last 1 week of use

    Overall, pretty excited by the update. Good going, team!

    You had mentioned a “Bi-Weekly” release. Did you mean Fortnightly? Haven’t seen a single release coming in this week. 🙂 Only request is not to give out timelines if that cannot be met.

    Kudos, team!

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    Akshay Bora

    The problem I noticed in new updates are navigation sometimes connects and sometimes fail the double tap voice command doesn’t work at all it restarts the phone and lastly the reply through command in whatsapp cannot be send instantly u have to wait for a while or else it fails.

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      Blink Team

      Hi Akshay, could you let us know the Marvin OS version you have been using?

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    User Experience after 28.03.2017 UPDATE so far:
    Battery Life if not connected via Bluetooth is 12 hrs(100% to 0%) but if ambient mode is ON then battery percent drops like crazy.Will update with Bluetooth ON battery stats & if other features have improved after this UPDATE.

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      Blink Team

      Thanks for the message, JKV. This is unusually low battery life than expected. Would request you to use the desktop App to share your battery logs, and our team shall look into the issue and solve it!

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    Blink Team,

    Desktop app not installing on windows 10, “Failed to extract Installer”.

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      Blink Team

      Thanks for bringing this up, Ratninder. Our team shall get in touch with you to resolve this!

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    Hi Team,

    Received my watch on 21st April,its amazing kind of feedback n reviews were given earlier ,team has really worked hard to bring the best,

    Battery back up entire day on full usage , need to explore more, gives all the notifications for the apps i have installed on my phone

    Awaiting for the next update.

    Cheers to the BLINK team

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      Blink Team

      Thank you so much, @anish!

      We are glad you are enjoying the experience on Blink. The next update is lined up for next week. Shall keep you updated on mail and our channels as we ship it out.

      Looking forward to being in touch!

      Team Blink

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    Feeling very hungry for an update, me & my Blink 🙂

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    Hope update is coming this week and will tick out many from the coming section

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    Yatin Angara

    Dear blink team,
    The watch does not vibrate nor makes sound during any incoming call, although the vibration and sound are on.
    I am only able to reject the call and not accept it on the watch!

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    Hi Blink Team,

    I need some clarity in Music source option in music app, When I select remote as source option am unable to play or fetch any songs can anyone explain me about this feature and I faced another issue I paired my BT headphone with blink but it’s always displaying as connected even though my BT headphones are switched off and when I turn ON BT headphones device didn’t get connected automatically but showing as connected when I play some music it started playing from my device speaker instead of playing it on my BT headphones as an workaround am unpairing and pairing it every time to connect to my BT headset.


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    Blink Team

    Hi Mohnesh!

    Hope the query has been duly addressed by our team.

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    What do you think about app updating? Look at article covering this topic – How to Update Apps on iPhone and Android-based Device. Follow the Best Practices

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