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    1. How can I set an Alarm in the watch?
    2. How to reply to a message using the watch?
    3. Can I sync multiple calendars from different accounts?
    4. Hot to see the battery percentage?

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    Yatin Angara

    1.Press the only button on the watch, you’ll see different apps, one of which is alarm app, open the alarm app,there you will see an add alarm option, click on that, then set the time, and you’re done!
    2.drag downwards from the watch face screen, you’ll see your notifications, click on the message you received, below that you’ll see a reply icon, click on that and then you can reply by pre defined texts or by speaking through the mic!
    3.For now, maybe you cannot do that!
    4. Drag upwards from the watch face screen, you’ll see 4 icons, the one on the top indicates your battery percentage!

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