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    Harish Gangadharan

    Upload of latest update from my android phone to Blink fails at 5%. While update happens on Blink, the screen display has to be always on or what? Please help.

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    Blink Team

    Hi Harish,

    We would recommend to update the watch using Desktop app. While updating, the upload will be at 5% for a little longer. In case tge problem persists request you to let us know.

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    Can anyone list out the new features of marvin os 2.0?

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    This comes in pretty late, but that was due to the fact that I lost the charging dock while moving houses. The Blink team promptly supported with a link where you can buy a replacement for Rs. 300. It arrived yesterday after 3 days of wait. Today is a nice Saturday to play around, so here it goes.

    Phone app update/install
    App has grown in size but installed easily. I chose to fully remove the previous app by deleting app cache before uninstalling.and installing the latest version.

    Blink Update
    The update process was not smooth. Though it updated correctly, the progress screen was stuck.
    Since QR code screen was not shown coz the watch was used earlier, watch app needed Logout.

    Update issues related to Blink
    While pairing, the QR code was not focusing properly within Blink app.

    Update issues unrelated to Blink
    “Screen overlay detected” error was cropping up preventing granting permissions to Blink at the very beginning when pairing was happening.
    This was a critical hindrance in watch update. Needed tweaking here.

    Default settings
    Ambient screen is OFF
    Wrist Gesture is OFF (please confirm this)
    Vibrate is ON (couldn’t notice it while the incoming call, but feels like doesn’t vibrate, even after switching it Off and back On)

    Shows notification on incoming call with slight delay.
    Call notification audio is weak, didn’t see an option to change the uninspiring tone.
    Vibration during incoming notification is either very weak or not working.
    Interface shows buttons for both Answer and Reject. Both work. However, it goes away after a while and the phone was still ringing.
    Mic is sensitive. Other party can hear without much issues.
    Other party’s voice not clear at all from Blink speaker. Lots of noise and quiet patches in between. This is not due to speaker quality.

    Playing blink music through paired BT headphones: easy, very good quality, no lag, controls work seamlessly.
    Music through Blink speakers: very good quality.
    Remote control of Google play music: very good,controls fine
    Switching between the 2: good
    Status on Home screen would have been a good feature.

    Calendar was not syncing, which needed some tweaking.
    Works well with Google calendar, but Sync not immediate.
    After tweaking, Google calendar syncs without issues when going to Timeline under Phone app Prefs.
    Adding Events in Google Cal: work well and syncs with Blink Timeline.
    Adding Events in Blink Timeline: work well and syncs with Google.
    Adding Goals in Google Cal: Syncs with Blink Timeline.
    Adding Goals in Blink Timeline: Not available.
    Adding Reminders in Google Cal: Doesn’t sync with Blink.
    Adding Reminders in Blink: Doesn’t sync with Google; standalone.

    Whatsapp notification has reply with 3 modes: quick,voice,emojis
    All 3 work well
    Multiple reply one after the other for each notification possible.
    No Photo viewer for Picture notifications
    No Video Viewer for Video notifications

    Not tested extensively, but not as accurate as fitness bands like Fitbit one.
    Not sure if the user profile tracks time and increments age.(Blink Team, please confirm this)

    Marvin Voice
    Two tap brings up Marvin
    ‘Hey Marvin’ not working
    (not sure if it needs to be enabled)
    Detects commands, but next steps fail.

    a.”navigate to decathlon omr, bangalore” detected correctly
    b.after showing “navigating”, merely opened the navigation app in blink.
    c.The destination have to be added again and buttons pressed for starting navigation. User inputs via touch required to complete commands, which defeats the feature.

    In the example above, adding destination works well with voice. Touch inputs required to complete the command.

    Cab Apps
    Ola, Uber: works as expected
    easy to login, works well without issues
    Shows available cabs
    Fetches destination with voice
    Fetches cabs

    Internet connection through BT tethering
    Much better than earlier, consistent
    Reqd for Marvin to work as Google is predicting command via Internet
    Right after the update, the watch was shown as connected in both Phone and watch, but 2-tap voice didn’t have connection.
    BT tethering was enabled, but the notification which ususlly shows up on top didnt come up. This was resolved with a watch reboot.
    Is it too difficult to control this setting by Phone app to make BT Tethering persistent?

    Not used

    Stopwatch and timer
    Works as expected

    Not much improvement, but feels stronger when available and constant interaction possible for a longer period. All the above-mentioned stuff happened with one charge and this never happened before. I even listened to Type O Neg for 30 mins in between through paired headphones. There was enough juice left (~40%), but left it now to charge.

    Though there is definitely scope for more improvement, now it is closer to what was promised. Thanks, Blink.

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    Lots of new faces, but not many worth looking at.
    Good option would be an interface (browser/app) to design watchfaces.

    Desktop app
    Not installed/Not tested

    Next Update
    It is 2.5 months since the last one, when are we having the next update? In another thread I saw you promising something within 3 weeks, but that should’ve happened 1 month ago. That makes me feel you are going back to your ways of remaining silent on important questions. I stayed away from this forum for a long time coz of this attitude, though I was very active right from the start. How much ever we tried to help with feedback and remained patient, that goodwill and hope was taken for granted in the form of long silences. This made me take you for granted that you can’t deliver on your promises and I will not be losing anything if I don’t use the unit. Losing the charger was an excuse to stay away from your product which brought more pain that excitement. After close to 5 months, now I see that the platform is in some usable shape, I sincerely hope that you stay in touch with the community that gave so much back to you, though you cannot say that about yourselves till now. Keep up the good work and keep us involved.

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      Aravind V

      Tried to contact via whatsapp about the updates and stock.. Here’s the reply..

      [08/11, 8:07 PM] Blink: We shall be releasing the update the coming week

      [08/11, 8:08 PM] Blink: We are stocked out on the inventory, and are working towards getting the next batch out. It would take a couple of months more as some key components like the display have a longer lead time.

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      Jiju Joseph

      @gpbipin, well written and agree to most of the facts. I have been using the watch for the past couple of days after a long time and found the battery is decent enough for an office hour to home. The last update was pretty good and much better now, but still there are areas that the Blink team has to deliver. Watch faces are still a disappointment as we do not have any option to customize it.
      Hope you guys are busy with the Blink 2, but remember not to forget your backers on the project.
      I just got the buds delivered today, yet to test it. I will have the feedback updated about it.
      Initial promise of bi-weekly update has never happened; forget it at least in a couple of months we would expect an update. The last update was on 22/8/2017, now it is 01/12/2017.

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    Jiju Joseph

    The last time @admin – Blink team was online 14 days back! Wow!

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    Blink Team

    Hi Jiju!

    We are working on the next update and will be out with it in the next 7-10 days.

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      Hi Blink team,
      Is the update rolling out today as you mentioned?

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    Jiju Joseph

    Thank you Blink Team, hope that is on December 10th.

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