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    Ayush Tripathi

    Hello guys,

    I wanted to know honest opinion of users using the watch so I am posting here.Hope I am not not breaking any forum rule by posting this in wrong section as I didnt know where else to post this.

    Initially I wanted to buy Samsung gear s3 but when I saw the hardware specs of blink,I immideatley fell in love with it as it was higher than any of the branded watches currently available in the market.Software wise also,Samsung uses its properitory OS Tizen and Blink uses Marvin.So I had no problem whatsoever with that either as the third party app support would have been minimal in both.But there are a few things I wanted to clear out before buying this from the users and the management as I haven’t been able to get any proper review of this watch.

    1) Is there any service centre of Blink in Lucknow or New Delhi?

    2) What’s the difference between sport,steel and classic series?Is it the specs or just the strap?(I asked it as I would like to buy the sport one for my fitness regime but was curious about the price difference.)Also is the steel strap changeable?

    3) I initially heard that software was still in developmental phase when blink was launched but after your March update the experience has become much more smooth and battery life has also improved.Is it true and how is the experience now after the subsequent updates?

    4) There were many complaints about non availability of blink app on the play store in some YouTube videos,is there any custom apks which we would need to install via third party website or has this issue been resolved?

    5) As the watch uses ingen(or something) cpu instead of snapdragon 2100(latest for smart watches),how is the performance?Is it laggy or smooth?

    6) Is the watch viewable in direct sunlight?Also is the viewing angle wide?

    7) Is there a 10 days replacement guarantee for this watch if I buy it from official store?(On Myntra its non returnable)

    8) Is the fitness tracker accurate and is there a sleep tracker in it too?

    9) Lastly,how is the build quality?Does it get scratches easily and if protective cover for this watch is available in the market or not?

    Thanks for all the replies in advance 🙂 This will be my first smartwatch.I have done extensive research for it and by far Blink watch seems the best as it is at par from others in hardware section so it has a lot of scope for being the best in the market if its software is good.The only thing missing from this watch is heart rate monitor,sim card slot and GPS tracker.Hope we will get that in blink 2 😉

    Thank you

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    Aravind V

    I have been looking for the clarifications for past 2 months. Still I didn’t get exact answers from users or experts. They should give units to youtubers for genuine and trusty reviews. Only helpful and confusing thing is this forum. We need to know about tracking accuracy, Software stability, Processor speed, Battery info, apps compatibility, calling feature from watch itself and lot more. Dear team Blink, If you guys want to reach globally and to more customers you should advertise it properly, should update your facebook, instagram and other social networks properly. It seems like dead in social networks. Chances are me and my friends will ended up buying android wear soon. Why are you still not giving watch for youtube reviews and advertise it well? Are you guys scared of getting negative reviews? If your answer is about software in beta mode and still developing, last year was not the proper time to launch the product.

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      Yatin Angara

      1.Currently there are no service centres in any city but whenever you have any problem or issue you can contact the blink team anytime and they get the issues resolved with full support!
      2.There is no difference in the specs of any watch, the only difference is the watch strap style and you can use any third party strap with 18mm size to replace your original watch strap!
      3. Yes, the blink team is working hard towards the watch updates and they are improving the user experience on the watch with every subsequent update!
      4.No, the blink watch app is rhe official app for the watch to connect to the smartphone and it is available for both android and ios devices on respective app stores!
      5. I must say that the performance of the watch is very smooth, you wouldn’t notice any lag as such. And as i mentioned they are improving the user experience with the updates!
      6.Yes, the watch is very much viewable even in sunlight, you can use the watch easily at about 70-80% brightness even in high sunlight! I usually keep it at 60% in sunlight and i am fine using the watch!
      7.I am not sure about replacement guarantee, but yes if there is any issue you are facing with the watch, the support team will solve the problem to their best any time!
      8.Yes, the fitness tracker is very accurate. Currently we do not have a sleep tracking function in the watch.(I hope to get it soon)
      9.Build quality, i must say is the best I’ve seen and used. You will fall in love with the watch the moment you see it!
      The blink team is going to release a number of accesories for the watch soon, including the screen guard too!
      Hope you got answers to your [email protected] @aravindov

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    Ayush Tripathi

    Thanks @yatin-angara for the detailed answers.This satisfies all my queries.Am going to order the sports black version now.Hope its as good as advertised.Thanks a lot again for the help 🙂

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      Aravind V

      Hey Ayush, I think we both has almost similar expectations. Hope you will review the product here. If everything goes well I need to reconsider purchasing this watch in next month.

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        Ayush Tripathi

        Sure buddy,would love to.I know the feeling of not getting any satisfactory answers to the queries before a purchase.I will be getting the watch on Wednesday.Let me know your questions about the watch then.Would be happy to help 🙂

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        Aravind V

        Hope you received the watch. Please share your honest review here mainly on software side. How well is the working of present available features? Everything running smoothly or did you find any bugs or half baked stuffs like voice call disturbance, alarm sound disturbance, improper notification alert tone and vibrations etc. Is there any feature to reply whatsapp messages individually and in group chats? Or it just showing the notifications only for more than one messages? Is the vibration and incoming alerts are OK enough if we are on travel or very noisy situations? About fitness app- Accuracy, phone sync and hope it doesn’t calculate steps while driving like some fitness band does. How easy to connect watch to phone as well as Bluetooth devices? Any frequent disconnections? Please share your review.

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    Ayush Tripathi

    Hello @aravindov,

    Yes i did receive my watch a few days back.Though I haven’t been able to use the watch to such extensive extent as of now but I will be testing it for a few days.Till then let me give you all that i have noticed,the good and the bad of this watch :-

    Firstly,the looks.Thats the first thing I noticed after I opened the box.The watch is slim with moderately big watchface.This maybe due to the fact that it doesnt have heartrate monitor,wifi or big battery(batter is only 300mAh) but apart from this,the watch looks stunning.I love the minimal design of the watch.
    I also got to test the build quality of the watch when accidentaly my watch fell down while hitting a rack and went smashing into the ground.There was no dent or any scratch on the watch apart from 1 very minute dent on the strap which is visible only when seen with much focus on it.

    Secondly,the software.Initially the setup process was very smooth.It took only a minute or 2 to complete the whole process.Syncing it with android was very easy too and was done within 20 sec approx.The touch registry is good and selection process is snappy but the bezel rotate function is a bit pain for me right now.Sometimes when I try to rotate the options,it selects and opens whichever app my finger is placed upon.Also sometime it opens the app while rotating the options,if I slow my finger a little bit.Maybe its only me but i am having difficulty in navigating the watch.Maybe I just need to get myself adjusted to the way of navigation first.

    The whole ui is very good and interactive.The main thing I noticed is that there isnt any customisation available at the user’s end.The only customisation available is changing the watch face.Other than that,everyting is predefined.The only button is not configurable;swipe left,right,down opens a predefined window which users cant change;menu buttons’ colour cant be changed…..etc.The gyst is that we cannot personalise the watch as per our taste which for me is a big disappointment.

    The marvin voice assist is amazingly accurate.Its uncanny how it understands perfectly what you want to say and you dont have to try speaking in eglish accent to make it understand and so I love it.
    The map navigation is good,it shows the direction but it is really annoying to see the watch regurlarly while driving as it doesnt have any voice message telling you to turn left or right as the one in google map.It is very distracting and I refrained from using it after the first use itself.
    The other thing that I dislike is that while the watch is in ambient mode,it will register some accidental touches.Whenever I fold my hands or whenever the watch registers left,right,up or down swipes,it will open up the main watch screen.

    Other than that,the battery life is great.I managed to get almost 16 hours of battery while not being connected to the phone and using other functions of watch normally.Lack of keybord is also a huge letdown.Though you can reply whatsapp messages individually by speaking but it is not very ideal to do so in public places.

    The hardware specs were best in class already,so no cmplaints there.Though it is very pricey with respect to the things it is providing.Zeblaze thor and LEMFO LES1 provide far more better specs than blink including 16gb rom,heart rate monitor,inbuilt gps,wifi,sim slot better battery and much more within Rs.8000(I wouldnt recommend buying them though as they will be exported from china and you wont get any support in India)

    Also I wished the watch had android wear 2.0 because the Marvin Os seems far from complete.Though the apps included in the Os works perfectly but there is too little for the owner to personalise the watch or use apps of their liking.

    Now for your queries above,I have some issues with the notification and whatsapp reply but I will share that after some testing.Everything is running smoothly but there are bugs present.The bluetooth connection also gets disconnected constantly,I dont know if its the watch’s fault or my phone’s,will test it out on other mobiles too and will let you know.

    Hope it satisfies your queries for now.I will be posting the answers to some of your questions after testing them out in a day.If you wanna know anything else,please let me know.

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      Aravind V

      Thank you Ayush. Will decide after your detailed checking.

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