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    Aravind V

    This is my review of Blink watch 1 with Marvin OS 1.0 latest updates after 10 days of usage(Android). I was searching for a unbiased review before buying the watch and couldn’t find one. So decided to write one for the new users by collecting various suggestions from this forum and my own experiences with the watch. The fact that the Blink runs MARVIN OS rather than Android wear, could hold it back, especially since tempting new Android Wear 2.0 has now launched.(Samsung watch also runs with Tizen OS not Android). But this is a stunning, bolder, bigger and brilliant Made in India smartwatch in many ways. Smartwatches are not a must thing in daily life but if you are interested in technology and need a fashion accessory timepiece and if you are prepared to pay then Blink watch is a great smartwatch considering the price to performance ratio but with many cons. I am sure they will improve a lot in future with updates.

    – Unboxing experience is simply outstanding with a minimalistic matte black double layered box along with an instruction manual.
    – Top notch build quality and screen quality.
    – Minimal and Intuitive clean user interface.
    – I don’t have any issues with pairing or Bluetooth tethering. Easy with latest updates.
    – Gesture is working fine. But need perfection.
    – Marvin Voice (Need big improvement)
    – Blink watch will notify you every notifications including WhatsApp( including group), SMS, Truecaller, News app notifications from your phone. You can reply with the inbuilt Quick replies, Voice commands (English only) or with emojis.
    – 8 GB storage is great. Just copy songs and play with speaker or via bluetooth headphones.
    – Alarm works fine with loud tone.
    – Analog/Digital watch faces
    – Uber, Timer, Stopwatch, Music player,Navigation.
    – Fitness is almost perfectly accurate. Tested both walking and running sessions. Result is outstanding. Only 2 or 3 steps error which happens with other fitness bands too. It also shows activity hours and calories count. It doesn’t calculate driving as steps which is great. Some big fitness bands calculates that as steps.Thumbs up to team Blink. There’s an option to calibrate with your test results.
    – Google calendar notifications.
    – Accepts/rejects calls with inbuilt speaker or BT headphone. Shows contact name also.
    – Notifications works with vibrations.
    – Ambient mode display works fine.
    – Navigation works.( No voice support)
    – Faster charging.

    – No keyboard option.
    – Can’t accept calls. But rejection is possible. Accepting call worked initially but now it’s vanished.
    – No overall sound notification for apps except alarm.
    – No vibration or sound notifications for reminders.(Both connected and disconnected modes)
    – No vibration for Google calendar notifications.
    – Digital watch faces are in 24 hr format. (Didn’t find any settings to change)
    – Battery life is average need improvement. Hardly gets one day when not connected. When it’s connected max life is 6 – 8 hours according to your usage. Small tip: Switch OFF after charging when it’s not in use at home and Turn off ambient mode when the battery is below 15%. 
    – In fitness, downside is there’s no Vibration or sound notification once the session is completed. Have to check watch every time.
    – Can’t control notification panel in mobile app. Can’t disable anything. Looks like always enabled. No option to block notification of certain apps by selecting it.
    – No sleeping tracker.


    – Need big improvement in sound and vibration notifications. At least 3 seconds or 3 vibrations for calls because it’s hard while driving bike and outside conditions. 
    – Marvin voice is below average as of now. Doesn’t work at all. Hope it will update soon with more commands. Release the input methods too.
    – Quick setting access for Bluetooth ON/OFF in swipe up menu. Replace Power saver mode in swipe up with this.
    – Integration of home button in app menu to make less use of side button. 
    – Need some auto reminder health tips such as to have water after a certain period of time. Need more exercise sessions and other cool features.
    – NOTE and voice recorder app. 
    – Inbuilt weather notifications.
    – Advertise more after the launch of Marvin 2.0 in September. Send review units to youtubers like Geekyranjit and C4etech.

    Must need features:
    – Keyboard for messaging and to type the location for navigation.
    – Voice assistant for navigation or at least vibrations for turnings. 
    – To make call from watch itself. Voice won’t work at outdoor even if it’s introduced with voice commands. So add phonebook.
    – Should increase speaker quality for calling and music app. Lots of surrounding noises. 
    – Sleeping tracker. 
    – Image viewer.
    – Need more quick replies with 1-10 numbers or introduce keyboard. Quick reply needs more choices with user defined replies. (Keyboard is essential for this)
    – Emergency SOS
    – Screen guard, straps and some other accessories such as a mini carrying box for travel purposes. 
    – White watch faces. 
    – Watch face customisation in app. 

    I should say new users please don’t confuse with above mentioned cons and suggestions. I know it looks a bit messy. But still it’s a great smartwatch for daily normal usage and If you want just notifications and other daily apps then the Blink will work for you really well. if you’re an Android user (or possibly even iPhone) looking for a smartwatch and can stand the current lack of apps, this is probably the choice for you. I am sure they will improve a lot with Marvin OS 2.0 in September. Hope team blink will consider these suggestions in right sense. This creative innovative made in India product should reach global level.

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    Hi guys, im planning on buying a blink watch, from what I gather, this watch is only good as a paper weight. How is the app support? if any. Also has the marvin 2.0 OS been released? because I saw a comment on play store stating the same. If so, everyone is so I have not been able to catch hold of any news with respect to this. The blink team is also not saying anything. Can I know what can be expected in the new marvin software update? thanks

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