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    Yatin Angara

    I just want to share some of my opinions with the team!
    As the information says, the watch supports 16m colors and has 1gb ram, 8gb storage, you’ll must include a gallery app or photos app as such, where we can store our photos and view them on our wrist on the go!
    You must also get a browser app for the watch like google chrome or something, to surf on the net and let the user search what he/she wants to!
    The watch is very accurate in steps tracking and other fitness activities, you must also get sleep tracking feature. I think that’s really good to have, even the cheap smartbands have this feature. You’ll must get it in upcoming updates!
    And the Most important is getting support for 3rd party apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Users must have the option to install the apps they want from an app store for the watch! I really think if you get this support in the watch, it will be the plus point for selling of the watch!
    Also get a phone app and a messaging app by which a user can directly get the phone contacts on the watch and call or text any of them on the go!
    And about Marvin, you’ll must make it work like how the google assistant or siri works. I know it won’t happen in a short while, but atleast you’ll must get some more commands and conversational features to the marvin!

    The watch specs suggest that, it is lot more capable of doing more tasks than what is made to do now!
    Hope you’ll consider my opinions!
    And yaa I love the watch!

    Cheers, Team [email protected]

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    Ayush Tripathi


    I recently purchased this watch and its still in transit,so I dont know much about the software front of it other than that which I red on the forum or saw in videos but dont you think that a gallery app would be a wasteful effort as nobody could see the photos clearly on such small screen.

    For the browser,integration of google app would be a nice addon as we can use it for browsing or as voice assistant or even for getting daily news updates,all in one.Chrome is the best browser out there and there is no doubt about it,but it hogs a lot of ram and manouvering between tabs can be a bit difficult as we will have to strain our eyes more to see which tab we want to go to.

    I totally agree for the sleep tracker.This is a must have feature for a smartwatch.I guess the hardware is already present in the watch but it depends upon how good algorithm they make for tracking sleep behaviour(like for how much time body was still or when it was restless etc).

    There is already support for whatsapp and insta on this watch as per few replies I have red in the software section of the forum and also in some videos.Also I heard that Marvin voice assist is very very good,these were some of the things that inclined me towards this watch.It will be heartbreaking to see that these apps and marvin voice assist are not working as portrayed(again,I have yet to receive the watch)

    The main feature that I would suggest is when you press the hardware button 3 times,an emergency S.O.S with our location and other useful infos like a prewritten text or medical info or any other are sent to either nearest authorotative body or to any of our own emergency contact(s) as per our configuration.

    Hope @admin will take a notice of these requests.

    Thank you

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    abhishek sharma

    hello everyone,
    i have lost my smartwatch charging dock, suggest me from where I can buy it

    thank you

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      Yatin Angara

      The watch does not have instagram or whatsapp apps, it just shows notifications of those apps and also the feature to reply to the whatsapp text by vpice command or pre-defined texts!
      And also, you would be able to see the photos clearly because they would be of the quality that your smartphone has on it and also it would be a good feature, like to see photos or videos on the wrist without removing your phone!

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    Ayush Tripathi

    Yes @yatin-angara,it would be very nice if they include gallery and a file manager,it will be a stepping stone in the development of Software for letting users make their own watch faces(i red many users complaining about the limited availibility of watch faces).But the problem is not by picture size,as you know today’s phone cameras click atleast 1mb pics and the watch hardware is capable of handling that,the main problem arrives while viewing the pics.Imagine a square inside a cirle,you will be viewing pics like that.The photos will be even more small due to the shape of watch.You can see how the photos look on gear s3 on youtube(as it has a round shape too).The same thing goes for the video and in addition to that,playing videos will cost you more battery life.I am not sure that if the processor can handle hd or full hd videos or not.But still it would be a very nice feature upsurging the functionality of this smartwatch.

    Also I urge the @admin to register blink watch on xda-forums so that developers could get more features and roms available for the watch.That would vastly increase the popularity for blink.(its just a suggestion only in case the @admin didnt knew about this website)

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      Yatin Angara

      Yes, and also don’t you think that they should get in keyboard support like how the androidwear watches have on them, so that you won’t need to speak out the messages in public and reply to messages by typing!
      And also they should get the caller app and messaging app, so that we can call or text anyone from the watch directly, instead of just being able to reply to the messages, same goes for apps like [email protected]@admin

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        Ayush Tripathi

        I strongly agree with you @yatin-angara.These features are must for a smartwatch,specially the keyboard one.I just got the watch yesterday and its pretty good in looks but lacks a bit in functionality.There are very limited things we can do on the [email protected] please take a note for these features and include them in the next update.

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