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    So the new update is here !
    Team Blink, I was updating with iOS and had a glitch. Had to restart phone on a new network. Now the watch is stuck on rotating globe AND Bluetooth won’t connect watch on my iPhone 6s. Seems the watch needs a factory reset. Tried calling your helpline numbers but no response. I can be reached on 9814188303.

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    Savitr Sastri

    Same issue with Android. The phone is pairing with the watch but the app is stuck at the pairing screen. I have mailed your support team please get back to me on this.

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      Blink Team

      Hey Savitr,

      We’ll be calling you in a short while and fix this.

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    Jiju Joseph

    Need to clear the data on your blink app and connect again. Once it is connected, go to firmware update and update it, which will be uploaded to the watch. Takes almost 2 hours. Always display is on after the update. No new faces. Navigation fails to fetch data. Unable to play music from your mobile. Thes rest is not tested yet.

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    Jiju Joseph

    Calling is working fine and notifications too.

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    Savitr Sastri

    Done all that reinstalled app. Changed ROM and reinstalled app. Restarted everything. Twice. Will check again later today and get back to you. Thanks.

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    Add me to the list. My watch is stuck on the spinner screen. I tried restarting but nothing happens. No response from mail or phone support.

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    bhargava krishna

    So the new update is here !
    Team Blink, I was updating with iOS and had a glitch. Had to restart phone on a new network. Now the watch is stuck on rotating globe AND Bluetooth won’t connect watch on my iPhone 6s. Seems the watch needs a factory reset. Tried calling your helpline numbers but no response. I can be reached on 8096000006

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    Jiju Joseph

    To add, I’m on android and found no issues updating.

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    Updated… Things I noticed are,

    1. Some of the watch faces which I used to use are gone.
    2. When phone ringing, the watch shows the call for 2-3 seconds and then vanishes. Othe android users, please update ur status in this feature.
    3. Is there any setting to turn on/off the Always on option? Since the always on watch face was not my taste, i would like to have a blank screen till we have few watch faces to choose.
    4. For maps, it is fetching but still showing the text only. Does this update include to show maps? Please clarify. Since the screen is rotating, I think its not showing just for me…
    5. Tried answering a simple hello thru voice to reply for a whatsapp and after couple tries, it recognised the correct word and sent.
    6. Regarding battery…. the biggest factor, I will update after couple of days!

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    hrish jo

    You have to connect your watch in bluetooth section to be able to accept or reject calls i think… It worked for me a few times but now facing issues in connecting watch to my mobile in bluetooth section.i am using android beta version in nexus 6p so dont know if its a bug in my mobile or everybody facing same issue.
    Also i cant see callers name for incoming call .only number is visible so not of much use.
    Anybody else having Bluetooth connectivity problems?

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    hrish jo

    @ john i am also not able to see maps… Only text and no screen rotation in my watch..

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      Blink Team

      Screen rotation in Navigation:

      When you start a navigation session, the screen can be rotated using the touch bezel. Here is an image to show how it looks.

      Navigation Screen Rotation

      (http://imgur.com/2H0wM2P in case the above doesnt work)

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      • This reply was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by  Blink Team.
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    Jiju Joseph

    Battery performance is better than earlier – initial impression.

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    My 2 cents:
    1.the lock screen needs 2taps to unlock. Good to avoid unintended screen touches.
    2.lock screen shows a very uninspiring digital readout. Is there a way to customize that? Like show in 12hr format?
    3.incoming call notification shows up after 2 or 3 rings and then it is not available for response as expected. Comes up twice. No response on first touch and brings up the battery menu on the second.
    4.lock screen is transparent and shows the watchface behind,fading in from outside edge.
    5.uber works.
    6.map works ,but no map ,only text .
    7.timeline still not integrated with Google Calendar.
    8. Improvements in some menus, eg. connectivity
    9. Definitely an improvement overall, but battery life is still not practically useful. Could turn off lockscreen with wrist up like earlier. Now wondering, what does the gesture even do?
    10. What all need to be enabled in bluetooth? Does phone audio need to be enabled for calls?

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    Device – Oneplus One Android Version – Nougat(7.1.1)

    Pretty much same experience as mentioned by Bipin nothing much to add.Secondly Updating the Watch OS takes a minimum 2 hrs so needs patience & there are times when the connection breaks so you need to check in between & if you feel the update is stuck even after checking your network connections then a Restart should do the trick.Please use WIFI or 4g connection.

    Battery life :(Readings without Bluetooth connection)
    05.02.2017 -100% (14.30 hrs)
    06.02.2017 – 33% (09.40 hrs)

    Note : Watch was connected to phone via bluetooth for few minutes just to check which all functions are working initially & since not much has changed.Charged watch to 100% & thereafter watch was not on bluetooth so as just check atleast Battery life.

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      Battery Life without Bluetooth Connection
      06.02.2017 – 100%(14.30 hrs)
      07.02.2017 – 35%(08.30 hrs)

      Slight improvement in Battery life & now will try with phone connected to watch.

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        Battery Life with Bluetooth Switched ON
        07.02.2017 – 100%(14.00 hrs)
        07.02.2017 – 56%(19.00 hrs)

        Within 4 hrs battery down to 50%…

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        Battery life with Bluetooth Switched on & connected to Phone
        07.02.2017 –
        100%(14.00 hrs)
        56% (19.00 hrs)
        16% (21.00 hrs)
        09% (23.00 hrs)

        So Battery life is still average if connected to the Phone all the time don’t expect full days use .So this UPDATE has not brought any significant improvement in battery life as promised.

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    hrish jo

    I was briefly able to accept or reject incoming calls through my watch when had connected watch in bluetooth section.. but since then not able to connect my watch…also definate improvement in battery .. i got around 15-16 hours after full charge.

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    hrish jo

    U need to select option of phone audio then call accept and reject works.but not everytime it works .. also i can see only number for incoming call so very little use as dont know whose calling….also everytime i get a call bluetooth connection breaks so have to connect again…

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      Blink Team

      Hi Hrish,

      We are looking into the issues you mentioned and seeing if we can send across a hotfix to all users.

      Will keep you posted.

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    Jiju Joseph

    Very strange, call works at times and at times nothing… I still use the car Bluetooth for calls while driving. Not much of use still with the watch, but slightly improved after the update; not anywhere near the expectations and considering the time taken for the update, it is disappointing. No new faces added… Not even a single digital face yet. The idle face needs customization.

    I don’t know you guys will delete the post or not, but that’s the fact. Blink, you have to face it.

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    Deepak Kumar M.

    Team Blink, I was updating with iOS and the update went on and on for 8 hours and no update at all. The watch is stuck on rotating globe AND Bluetooth won’t connect watch on my iPhone 6s. Seems the watch needs a factory reset. Tried calling your helpline numbers but no response. I can be reached on 9611944559. Need support on this, otherwise the watch will be of no use.

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      Blink Team

      Hey Deepak,

      Nice talking to you. Hope this is fixed.


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        Deepak Kumar M.

        Hi Blink Team,
        The issue is fixed now! Thanks for the support.

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    Battery Results with Phone connected via Bluetooth
    100% – 11.00 hrs
    75% – 14.00 hrs
    5% – 17.00 hrs

    This is Terrible battery life…Request all users to post their battery life results so that it becomes clear how instrumental this UPDATE is..

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    11.00 100%
    15.00 0%,turned off

    Very first day after the feb update the battery lasted a little longer than 8 hrs before turning off. After that, never got any useful life.

    Blink was a bit popular at the office and few were planning to buy, but Blink is digging its own grave as I started wearing it after the update and now they know how sensible it is to buy something like this which turns off in like 4hrs, even with zero usage. I have decided to wear only pebble for the coming days(weeks?months?).

    We see even $50 smart watches from China do all this well, and pack in much more. Option to install Android wear 2.0 would be a great move. If too much for now, Asteroid OS could also be an option to look into.

    We’re customers, so deserve to be getting value for our money. Keep in mind that your customers are not newbies who got attracted by the flaunt value, some are seasoned users who saw the value in your product’s features.
    The buyers are not going to be quiet for long. Rather than holding onto a distant dream, it is a better idea to have a practical short term solution and develop parallely the Marvin and make the updates available to test. When it reaches the point of maturity, users who are keen will automatically switch.

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    Naveen Kala

    I strongly agree with the Bipin’s idea of option to install android wear 2.0 for the time being and devlop parallely the Marvin.

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    Savitr Sastri

    So thanks to help from the blink team and some adb tinkering i finally got the update up and running. I think the only thing that’s partially useful is the always on display. With the date shown as well. The other bugs remain. Sad battery life if connected to the phone. Iffy navigation and call notification is inconsistent at best. Apparently porting Android wear is hard due to the processor the phone uses. That unfortunately didn’t change the fact that functionality wise the watch is quite sad.

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    Ok then reading the experience of fellow users, it clearly shows that the much anticipated incremental update released after 1 month was nothing but a dud.So waiting for Blink’s response to this & hope it is convincing enough to prevent me from taking the next logical step.
    P.S.Don’t have the patience to wait for another 15 days or 1 month to get your Update

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    Jiju Joseph

    Would like to hear from Blink team.

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    Jiju Joseph

    It’s been more than a day and we don’t see any response from Blink. Is there any one available to respond from Blink?

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    Blink Team

    Hi all, thank you so much for writing in.

    For one, we do understand and appreciate that you have been a lot more patient and supportive than what was due. At the same time, we deeply regret the issues you are having to face with the watch. We would like to take a moment to answer your queries above.

    The last update was designed to improve the overall stability of the system – avoid sporadic, crashes, cover corner cases, reduce network dependancy, along with a host of other deeper refinement. Coming down to the specific queries:

    Battery Life:
    While it wouldn’t be right to say that the battery life is at par with your expectations, the new update (ref 04/02/2017) does allow the watch to go >24 hours of stand-alone time while being disconnected; and ~17 hours in a connected state. However, there have been instances of the battery drain hitting ~20% per hour (thereby, reducing life to 5/6 hours) when the processor is unable to shut down after a particular application gets initiated on the watch. This is a major bug and a concern for us, and we are looking to send across a quick-fix as soon as we can.

    3rd Party Apps (Uber / Maps):
    Most of the 3rd party apps require making API calls and establishing connectivity with a server to fetch information. This is where we have seen inconsistent server responses from Google Maps APIs (thereby affecting both Uber and Navigation experience).

    New Features:
    Our idea has been to retain only a certain set of applications that make sense to be on the wrist. While the experience on existing applications is being further refined, we do have a pipeline of more native/3rd party apps including News, Weather, SOS, currently under last rounds of testing. At the same time, we would be introducing a revamped UI and range of Voice interactions over subsequent updates.

    Android Wear v/s Marvin OS:
    We have had some of you suggest porting Android Wear onto the Blink watch. While that would seem like a quick solution, and understand your ask to be absolutely fair and reasonable, there are a few pointers to be taken into account there. For one, getting Android Wear on Blink watch would require major modifications for our MIPS-based processor to ensure all features function properly. Secondly, it might require obtaining software licensing rights to be legally used on the device.
    Thirdly and most importantly, we had set out to build Marvin from scratch to specifically cater to the problems with existing wearable platforms in terms of interaction and functionality. We have spent months using both Android wear and Watch OS to get an understanding of the upsides and downsides of both platforms. While it would be tough to categorically point out the discrepancies, we believe Android Wear (even ver 2.0) still doesn’t offer the expected experience on a smartwatch (Watch OS still fares a lot better, though). Not that we are anywhere close to what we want to deliver, but we would strongly request you to draw a direct comparison till you have used it over time. The Android Wear platform definitely is a lot more stable (and took 2 years to be built), but we are confident that once we reach a base stability, we will be able to provide a much better experience on the watch.

    These aside, the above pointers are no way a defense of the current state and we do sincerely apologize for any hassle you have had to face. This hurts us (both as an organization trying to build a brand and as a team trying to achieve something) more than it troubles you and we are wary of it every passing day.

    While problems in the technology space are not new – Samsung has faced major hardware issues with Note 7, and even the likes of Apple had software issues (new Macbook Pro delivering a ~3hrs battery life instead of an expected 10hrs, till the bug was fixed), we are a small team with limited resources trying to build something functional and truly impeccable. Having said that, this isn’t an excuse, but merely putting out the other side of the story. We are not a big company, and won’t act like one.

    We truly appreciate your being on this forum and taking out the time to give us critical feedback. It’s absolutely invaluable, and we know that beyond any numbers or parameters or opinions; it’s your inputs only which is going to help us build what we are building. Please do keep them coming!

    Blink Team

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    Parakh Khandelwal

    Can someone tell me what all the watch can do after the update?

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    Satish K

    It’s working on android 4.4.2.
    But battery drains fastly.
    Wrist up won’t work.

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    hrish jo

    Finally blink team accepted that watch is not upto mark . But i have a few questions which i would like blink team to answer.

    1. Why the watch was released when marvin os is very far from ready?

    2. On what basis all the tall claims of battery life were made ?

    3. Why it was nowhere mentioned on website during pre booking that watch will be in beta phase when we get it and all functions claimed might not work? Is it not cheating to hide this big fact from customers?

    4. If you are quoting example of failure of samsung note 7. Are u prepared to accept returns and refund all like samsung did?

    Blink team our problen is not that your watch is in beta phase ,problem is that all customers were kept in dark about this before buying. More so we are not seeing any significant improvement even after your updates.and since u quoted android wear took 2 years to develop with their large resources we highly doubt with your limited resources you can do it in short time….do you expect us to wait another two years for this watch to function properly?

    Blink team waiting for your honest reply to my questions.

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      @ hrish you have brought out Valid points & i know for a fact Blink has not an valid answer for any of them..Frankly i am tired of reading & at times hearing their lame excuses & apologies in accepting the fact that they have faltered in delivering on their promises.As far as i can see they are digging their own graves with the way they have handled the issues plaguing their watch & am pretty sure that they must be working on an UPDATE which will solve Most of the problems but now we all know how that picture Ends.
      P.S. Now i hate the word ‘UPDATE’…thanks Blink

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    Jiju Joseph

    @harish agree to your analysis based on Blink team’s stand. I feel we should highlight this if Blink isn’t taking any appropriate action.

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    hrish jo

    @jiju while i feel blink team should give us a functional watch as soon as possible i dont see any easy way out for them now.. with their limited resources i dont think they can pull it off in short time.and i dont think they can afford android wear now to give us…if it was possible we would have got a functional watch out of the box.
    Their refusal to give a timeline even after our frequent requests shows that they only dont know when they will be able to fix this all.
    So finally its upon us customers to decide if we want to take any action against it or let the new INDIAN startup take its time to fix things which may be few months or even a year.

    Lets see what blink team has to say about our queries.

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    Swagat Jena

    Totally agree! Every time I see the Android Wear ads on the internet, I so badly want to replace my Blink. It’s high time, Blink team needs to give it a serious thought.

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    Jiju Joseph

    Yeah true, at times I feel leave it-made a bad decision. It’s an Indian startup and we expected the unexpected.

    Im back to my fossil which also does the same thing – showing time – without charging for 2 to 3 years. Why should I be worrying about a watch daily twice?

    Thank you so much Blink, it’s a bye bye…

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    Had not been using the watch for a while and was waiting for the update. When the update came, I had issue of watch not connecting with my iPhone. I really appreciate the help that I got from Ankit to get that working.

    Coming to the update, Blink team was always talking about major bump up on battery life. My watch hardly last for 6 hours with full charge and connected to my phone. Before someone point out standalone time, let me remind all that most features are due to pairing to the phone (main use for me is about notification). Some other issues,

    1. Can’t disable call alerts on watch and even when the phone call is over, the watch get stuck on accept / reject screen.
    2. Hate always on feature that can’t be disabled. Simply because I am not a fan of digital clock face given. Have seen much more enriching experience on other watches.
    3. Health / step count etc is just a hog wash. If it’s not even remotely near to perfection (actually it’s light years behind) why to waste the precious battery resources on that?
    4. Some watchfaces that I used to like have been removed. Personally, they were the best looking ones.
    5. Forces me to disconnect every time I want to pick a call and audio need not be routed to the watch speaker (anyhow not a fan of speaker on watch).
    6. Pathetic battery life (seems like a feature now than a bug).

    Moving on the larger question that I have now, I am not going to use it the way it is so have practically have written of 15k I paid for the watch where there was not even a iota of disclaimer that the product is in beta phase (again this is more in alpha and not beta by all standards). Every update promises to increase battery life and then adds or removes some features that are irrelevant without proper battery life. Being Indian startup or not, if the team doesn’t even give proper updates, doesn’t sticks to the promised updates / cycles, tries to cover deficiency in a critical area like battery with other bells & whistles; my patience run thin. Max, I might wait for the next update but then again already planning to go for a mature watch as primary one rather than sticking with Blink and it might end up just another gadget owned.

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    Agree with Ruchir! Why remove watch faces to add to our frustration? and also the always on digital… i was happy with wrist-on and completely off otherwise comparatively!

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    D P Singh

    I agree there might be problems with watch os , even i am having some sync problems with ios and there latest updated has also failed to address the issue, but guys these guys have put up something against heavy weights like apple and google’s android wear, which also have problems after so much experience in their respective field, even Iphone some time hangs and what to say about android phones.

    I am with these guys, what ever time they may take to improve the Marvin os and have full confident in our Indian start up. glitches are part of Technical innovation and i know they are working overtime to improve every issue.

    keep it up guys at least i am with you guys.

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    Team Blink,

    We are eagerly waiting for that major update. ‘hope it’s coming soon ?

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    That’s a rather long silence Team Blink !!!

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    Yatin Angara

    There is a lot of noise disturbance on the other side of the call.
    I hear voice clearly on the watch but the other person cannot hear my voice properly because there is lot of noise disturbance, even when standing still!

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    Yatin Angara

    Please team blink,
    Bring a major update with the solution to all the problems faced by us!

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    I have not received the update, any problem?

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