Mobile and Desktop App

Mobile and Desktop App

Follow the instructions to setup Blink App on your phone:

  • Download and install Blink App on your phone.
  • Open the Blink App on your phone after installation.
  • Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.
  • Turn ON your Blink Watch by pressing and holding the side button until you see the Blink logo.
  • Make sure both devices are charged and keep them close together as you connect them.

Scan QR code to install Blink App on your android device or go to


 Scan QR code to install Blink App on your iOS device or go to

Key features of Blink Mobile App:

Your Blink mobile app is crucial to manage the services on your watch and update the watch among other things, for instance,

  • Blink app will help you in updating watch apps and Marvin OS
  • It will help us in communicating the upcoming features better
  • It can help you in finding your watch, once you misplaced

Managing preferences using Blink app

  • It allows you to see the status(whether switched on/off)  of the internet
  • It can give notification access to the watch
  • It can help you blacklist app, for which the notifications are no longer needed on the watch
  • It helps manage the data on fitness app
  • It allows you to sync your google calendars with the timeline app on the watch
  • It allows you to manage phone calls from Blink
  • It gives Uber access to your watch

Follow the instructions to setup Blink App on your desktop:

  • Download the Blink App on your Mac or PC.
  • Install it by opening the downloaded .dmg or .exe file.

Note: You need to login your watch on the Blink mobile app before using it with the Desktop App.

Version 1.0 | For macOS (version 10.9 & above)

Version 1.0 | For Windows 7 and above

Key features of Blink Desktop App:

Blink desktop application is an effort towards updating OS and tackling issues effortlessly and with least amount of intervention. It will enable you to independently:

  • Update Marvin OS and Watch apps in less than a minute
  • Reset connectivity if unable to connect Blink to your phone
  • Upload logs for issues you’re facing to help us quickly solve the issue