Watch Apps


Fitness   You can accurately track your fitness activity on your Blink. To use it effectively: Go to Blink phone app–>enter preferences–>Fitness–>enter details, set goals and get started!


Navigation   Blink allows you to navigate right from your wrist. To navigate through the watch Press the home button and in the App Space choose Navigation app Click on the destination icon on the left add destination by using voice Confirm and Blink will show you the written instructions towards your destination!


Notification   Blink allows you to receive all the notifications of your phone to your watch. Also, if you are an Android user you can reply to the incoming notifications using Blink To reply to the notifications using voice click on the reply icon on the watch wait for ‘listening’ to appear on the screen […]


Watchfaces Blink comes with a set of pre-loaded novel and exciting 30+ watchfaces. Apart from this, we keep introducing new watchfaces with every update.  To change Watchfaces on the watch: Long tap on the center of the screen, and start rotating around to have a look at all the available watchfaces