Marvin OS


Reply to notifications If you are an Android user, you can reply to notifications through your Blink using voice or pre-existing quick replies on the watch. Click on the notification you want to reply to, followed by clicking on the arrow icon below it Chose the option between voice or quick response and reply to […]


Connectivity To switch on or off the bluetooth from the watch, go to settings–>connectivity–>Bluetooth To pair Blink with a bluetooth peripheral device, go to settings–>connectivity–>pair–>select device To logout watch from the watch, go to settings–>connectivity–>logout


Display Brightness-To increase/decrease the brightness of the watch from the phone app, go to display–>brightness–>rotate around the circle Screen Timeout-To increase/decrease the screen timeout, go to display–>brightness–>increase/decrease Sound and vibrations Alarm-To increase or decrease the alarm sound on watch go to settings–>sound and vibrations→–>Alarm–>increase/decrease Media-to increase or decrease the media sound on watch go to […]

Touch and Interface

Panels freezing and refusing to swipe away When stuck on display due to panel freeze or swipe not working, please follow the steps given below: Press the side button, the display will move to the app space. From there go back to the app you intend to use In case watch doesn’t respond on pressing […]