Quick Fixes

Internet Quick Fixes

Stuck in “Internet” page on an Android phone Stuck in “Internet” page on an iOS phone Stuck in “Internet” screen on watch Stuck in “Internet” page on an Android phone When stuck on internet page on the android app, proceed to setting–>click more–>Tethering & portable hotspot–>enable Bluetooth tethering. Go back to the app and click […]

Notification Quick Fixes

Reply to notifications Notifications not coming on the watch Setting Notification preferences Reply to notifications If you are an Android user, you can reply to the notifications through your watch using voice or pre-existing quick replies Click on the notification you want to reply to, followed by clicking on the reply button below it. Choose the […]

Connectivity Quick Fixes

To Check for connectivity, you need to check in the following two places only: Watch Quick Settings: The Watch > Quick Settings Panel (Available on edge-swipe-up from the watch face) shows if the watch and phone are connected. Phone App Menu: The Phone App > Menu shows if the watch and phone are connected with a colored […]

Battery Quick Fixes

After the last OS update, the battery life of Blink has significantly improved. However, if you’re not seeing the benefits, the following settings may be responsible: Screen Timeout Gesture Notifications Blink Desktop App Screen Timeout Find this in: Settings > Display > Screen Timeout Effect on battery: Screen timeout is the time after which the display switches […]