After the last OS update, the battery life of Blink has significantly improved. However, if you’re not seeing the benefits, the following settings may be responsible:

Screen Timeout

Find this in: Settings > Display > Screen Timeout

Effect on battery: Screen timeout is the time after which the display switches off. This largely affects battery life because as long as the screen is on, the watch display & processor are ‘awake’ and consuming power.

Ideal settings:

  • Our suggested Screen Timeout is 5 – 10 seconds 
  • To see the time even when the Screen is off, go to Settings > Display > Ambient Watchface  and select Analog or Digital
  • OR to ensure the screen switches on whenever you pull up your wrist, you go to Settings > Gesture and enable the Wrist Up gesture


Find this in: Settings > Gesture

Effect on battery: While gestures are great for seeing time whenever you Wrist Up, they wake the display & processor a lot of times, and this consumes power.

Ideal settings:

  • The Ambient Watchface is a another efficient way of seeing time always while saving battery. Enable it from Settings > Display > Ambient Watchface
  • OR switch off Gesture whenever not needed


Find this in: Blink Mobile App > Preferences > Notification > Blacklist Apps

Effect on battery: If you get lot of notifications in a day, your battery life would be affected. You can optimize the number of notifications you get on your watch by blacklisting apps on the Blink App for iOS or Android.

Ideal settings:

Block apps from sending notifications to your watch using the following steps:

  • Open the Blink Mobile App
  • Go to Preferences > Notification
  • Under Blacklisted Apps, tap on Add
  • In Android, you will see a list of all your Mobile Apps that you can search and select from. Once the selection is completed, tap the back arrow in the top left corner to save your setting.
  • In iOS, you will see a Search bar in which you can enter the name of the app you want to blacklist. Select the app once it shows up in the search list. Once the selection is completed, tap the back arrow in the top left corner to save your setting.

In case you continue getting the same results, you can help us find the problem using the BLINK DESKTOP APP. 

Blink Desktop App

If you don’t have the Blink Desktop App already, you can get it here. The installation procedure is very simple. After installation, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Blink Desktop App
  • Login with your Google Account which is connected to your Blink Watch
  • Connect your watch to the computer and click on Connect 
  • In the Navigation Bar, go to Support 
  • Select the question ‘My battery life is too low’
  • Use the watch from 100% to 10% battery drop and upload your battery logs by clicking the Submit button
  • We will analyze these logs and get back to you with a solution quickly!

If you have any other query, please write to us on [email protected]