You can switch on and off the internet access for the watch, using the ‘Internet option on the watch. Open the internet tab, and follow the instructions given on the phone app


While you can receive all the incoming notifications of your phone on your watch, using the Blink phone app you can restrict or Blacklist the unwanted notifications. To restrict all the message from coming on your Blink, disable the notification access tab.
 To activate the notification blacklisting, please follow following instructions:
  • Open the phone app
  • On the ‘Preferences’ page of the app, open notifications
  • Tap on Blacklist app and choose the apps for which you want to restrict the notifications on the watch


To use the fitness app on your watch effectively, ensure that the details given are accurate. By clicking on the each given details you can enter your input. To track effectively, arrive on a daily goal and enter it on the phone app, wear your watch and start taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle.


To transfer music on your watch, follow the steps given below:
  • Connect the watch to your desktop/laptop using the dock and cable
  • Enable the media storage on your phone app
  • Transfer the music and start listening to it on-the-go


  • To allow the caller notifications on your Blink, give Blink permission to access contacts, SMS and phone from phone.

Location and Uber

  • You can navigate and book cabs using Blink. To allow Blink to access phone GPS and location details, enable the same using the tabs given
  • To be able to book cabs using Blink, ensure your phone app is synced with your Uber account