• Brightness-To increase/decrease the brightness of the watch from the phone app, go to display–>brightness–>rotate around the circle
  • Screen Timeout-To increase/decrease the screen timeout, go to display–>brightness–>increase/decrease

Sound and vibrations

  • Alarm-To increase or decrease the alarm sound on watch go to settings–>sound and vibrations→–>Alarm–>increase/decrease
  • Media-to increase or decrease the media sound on watch go to settings–>sound and vibrations–>Media–>increase/decrease
  • Notification-to increase or decrease the notification sound on watch go to settings–>sound and vibrations–>notifications–>increase/decrease
  • Vibration–>to enable vibrations on the watch go to settings–>sound and vibrations–>vibration–>on/off


To enable screen on/off with a gesture, go to settings–>sound and vibrations–>gesture–>on/off. Enabling gesture will result in higher consumption of battery.


Watch can be switched off/restarted/switched to power saver mode from the settings on the watch as well.